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Performance Trust has spent the last 12 months working to educate various stakeholders in the legislative and executive branches of government about the practical implications of mark-to-market accounting.  These efforts culminated in the public testimony by our CEO, Rich Berg before the House Banking Sub-Committee.  Another significant effort has been directed towards the development of our blog, MarktoMarketDebate.com.  Thanks to your participation, the blog has been a success, and has been used throughout the country to help the public understand the issues behind mark-to-market accounting.  We applaud the new rules issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) that address the conflicts we presented in the blog and before Congress.

Today, the debate among financial institutions has shifted away from mark-to-market and toward use of ratings to assess risk. Currently, the House and Senate are reviewing proposed legislation that gives the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) more authority to oversee the NRSROs.

We believe the proper understanding of what ratings mean is an issue that needs similar attention.

In this blog, we will feature our perspectives on the ratings issue as well as related opinions and news. Most importantly, this site will invite debate and discussion from all quarters of our economy, and, ultimately, propose new solutions.

Want to help with solving the ratings issues?  You can get this vitally important message out to others by TheRatingsDebate.com link on to all your legislative contacts and peers in banking and finance.

Together we can make a difference and help get our banking system and economy back on track.

Help us solve the inherent problems with the bond ratings infrastructure.

Search the site, watch the videos and read the opinions.

Get educated, and join the discussion.

Let the debate begin!

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