Legislative Spotlight Shifts to Financial Reform

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Now that health care reform has been passed, President Obama is focused on financial reform and pushing for the formation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a new watchdog agency to protect the interests of American consumers.

Among other things, it would regulate credit cards, mortgages and nearly all other consumer loans; create transparency and accountability for credit rating agencies; and bring oversight to hedge funds.

“Safety and soundness is important, but the Fed also has a consumer role and it has failed miserably,” said Senate Banking Committee member Bob Menendez (D-NJ). “They didn’t take that part of their charge seriously.”

There are two versions in Congress right now: the House version, which would create a stand-alone agency with the power to write and enforce regulations, much like the Federal Trade Commission; and the Senate version, which would put the agency within the Federal Reserve and make its actions subject to veto by other federal regulators.

“Ultimately, I’d love to have a free-standing entity, but I think the reality is that it may not be possible in achieving the ultimate goal,” Mendez said.

It looks like the Senate version will be passed, but the last-minute changes still have to be hashed out.

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