Jules Kroll Launches New Rating Agency

September 17, 2010 by · 1 Comment
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Renowned corporate investigator Jules Kroll has formed his own credit rating agency, Kroll Bond Ratings.

“I see this as another version of due diligence. You really need to look at what the facts are, and then you rate them, which is what we’ve done for years but in a different context.” Kroll told National Public Radio.

Kroll says his new firm will apply the same principles of due diligence he employed in building his international financial investigative agency. He plans on going beyond simple mathematical models to look more closely at the properties and mortgages in question, for example, something he says the major rating agencies failed to do. “There’s been virtually no skepticism, no fact-finding. (By current ratings agencies.) It’s been the acceptance of what’s been presented by people seeking to raise money.”

The company is set to release its first ratings in July.

Let’s hear it for Kroll! The market is solving its own problems with ratings. If Kroll is better, everyone will use them.

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