Japan’s Debt Problems Continue

November 8, 2010 by · Leave a Comment
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It is anticipated that Japan’s ruling party’s poor showing in recent elections will lead to political gridlock that could thwart Japan’s efforts to gain control of the largest debt-to-GDP ratio in the industrialized world.

Standard & Poor’s is rating Japan long-term local and foreign currency debt AA, both with a negative outlook; however Moody’s and Fitch ratings are slightly more positive and are providing a stable outlook for both debts.

At the end of their fiscal year in March – Japan’s public debt was nearly twice the size of its economy, 883 trillion yen ($9,960 billion), or 192% of its GDP.

In comparison, Italy and Greece’s sovereign debt is estimated to be 115% of their economies, Germany’s is 72%, and the U.S.’s is 53%. The average for the world is 56% of GDP.

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