EU Addresses Foreign Rating Agency Regulation

The European Union (EU) regulators envision two ways to handle ratings from agencies that come from non-member states. The first is to accept ratings of countries that they believe are “equivalent,” such as Japan.

The second way to is to accept ratings from other countries so long as their process is as “stringent” as in the EU and an EU agency has endorsed the assessments.

If the latter is imposed in a strict sense, it could affect both borrowers and lenders from other countries looking to engage Europeans institutions. Banks in particular could have a hard time holding non-EU assets as regulated capital under the new law.

The Financial Times quotes a worried diplomat as saying, “European banks could be shut out of certain capital markets…it’s not a small issue.” The United Kingdom and the Netherlands among other Nordic states are urging a loose interpretation of the regulation whereas France and Italy are pushing for a strict application.

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